Over the weekend, we completed several significant upgrades. These upgrades provide even better quality of service to you and your clients all at no additional cost.

Firstly, we've rolled out LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is a high performance replacement for the Apache webserver. It is 9 times faster than Apache and processes PHP 50% faster and 3x better performance for SSL. This ensures that your website loads at blazing speeds, at all times. Just check out some of the benchmarks from that last study:

With no keep-alive connections, LiteSpeed Enterprise (with either suEXEC Daemon mode or ProcessGroup) was

  • 3361% faster than Apache 2.2 using suPHP.
  • 3911% faster than Apache 2.4 using suPHP.
  • 55% faster than Apache 2.2 with mod_PHP.
  • 220% faster than Apache 2.2 with PHP-FPM.
  • 174% faster than Apache 2.4 with PHP-FPM.
  • 76% faster than nginx with PHP-FPM.
  • 23% faster than LiteSpeed Enterprise with PHP-FPM.
Additionally, we are now caching MySQL, emails, and web files with SSD. This enables us to provide faster disk throughput during active times.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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